Weekly Schedule for Prayer Gatherings

All of our gatherings are now available via a conference line. 

 Those of you in need of ministry and our Healing Prayer please join us.  Callins take place on the first Monday of each month 

 7:00 PM Eastern (4:00 PM Pacific).

 The number to call for those participating is: (712) 775-7035.  

The Access Code is: 323859#.    


For Canadians who have difficulty getting in to this number, you can call (559) 546-1400.  

If someone answers and asks what your original call-in number was, you can give them the 712 number and the Access Code is: 323859#.    


For many generations, the Body of Christ has largely ignored the whole concept of apostolic and prophetic ministry.  Even if people have had callings from the Holy Spirit to one of these areas  of ministry, they didn’t dare call themselves  “Apostle” or “Prophet” because of the stigma attached.  More often than not someone whose experiences and calling met the Biblical  standard for one with apostolic ministry used the term “missionary” instead.
The calling of an apostle nearly always takes  place with a face-to-face experience with the Lord Jesus Christ and/or the audible (to the natural ear) voice of the Lord speaking to them.  Their primary calling is to lay foundations for the Body of Christ, to generally go — either geographically or spiritually — where others have not trod in times past and to open new dimensions for God’s people as they grow in the grace, the character and the likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ.
By the same token, the calling of a prophet takes place with a personal visitation (or multiple visitations) from the Lord — whether that visitation comes in the form of a face-to-face experience with the Lord Jesus Christ, or a combination of face-to-face visits and angelic visitations.  The calling of a prophet almost always results in the prophet becoming a living picture of the message he has been commissioned to bring. This is far different than the gift of prophecy which is listed among the gifts of the Holy Spirit in I Corinthians 12 — a gift available to every believer.